Water Quality Monitoring

  • Development of Real time water quality monitoring system is underway which has the capability of remotely measuring  water parameters, doing analysis on the data collected and graphically displaying the data collected. 
  • The product will be applicable in food manufacturing industries, agriculture, mining, municipalities, water treatment and more.
  • Device is currently at late prototype stage working to a minimum viable products.                                                                   

Smart Water Meter

  • Development of a smart water meter is underway which has a modular design. Modules under design are: prepaid system, water quality monitoring and a leakage detection module.
  • Design for the device to retrofit onto existing mechanical water meters are also underway                                                            

Tracker Gabriel

  • Tracker Gabriel is a real time safety solution , that leverages already existing asset tracking technology such as GPS , GPRS and Google map APIs to improve women and children safety.
  • HEDGESA  has collaborated with Track-solid and secure-more to bring an end to end safety solution.                                          

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